Grooming By Dorene


I offer an alternative experience for your pets    
grooming in a newly built studio with state of the  
art equipment.  My one on one service is different
than traditional grooming shops.  Your pets
scheduled appointment time is in a calm, stress
& kennel free environment.  Your pet has the full
attention during this time and no other pets to
distract them.  Being a life long pet owner I
understand the needs of todays client for a low
maintenance modified pet trim as well as breed
standard haircuts.  
During  your new client orientation at the time of
your appointment we will discuss the style that
best suits you & your pet.  Every full groom, tidy
or bath includes a relaxing facial scrub, calming
AromaCare shampoo & seasonal cologne.
Price depends on service, size & condition of
your pet.
Please call or email me for any questions or to
schedule an appointment.                                             

County Rd. 48 - PO Box 381 - Peconic, NY 11958
Cell: 1-917-854-5581 -  Email:
Grooming by Dorene is an Insured, Limited Liability Corporation.